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The people and organizations listed below offer programs about Civil War Arkansas. The Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission offers this list as a public service and does not endorse the content of any of the programs. Arrangements for the programs must be made directly with the speakers.

Russell P. Baker
Russell P. Baker offers a program on researching the genealogy of Confederate and Union ancestors that is titled "In Search of the Blue and the Gray Locating Civil War Ancestors." He can be contacted at gobgob3@mindspring.com.

Trey Berry
Trey Berry offers a program titled "Abraham Lincoln and Arkansas: The President's Influence and Interest in the State." He can be reached at treyberry@saumag.edu.

Dyan Bohnert
Dyan Bohnert, offers programs for pre-school to senior citizens on "Food and Medicine of the Civil War" and "One Dress Civil War," showing and telling how the women of the South made do with one dress. She can be reached at 1-870-382-2017 or dyanbohnert@centurytel.net .

Mark K. Christ
Mark K. Christ offers programs on the Little Rock Campaign of 1863, African-American troops in Arkansas, the Battle of Helena, the Battle of Arkansas Post, the Battle of Pine Bluff, and “Civil War Arkansas 101.” He can be reached at mark@arkansasheritage.org.

Conway Women's Chorus
Conway Women's Chorus, offering a program of Civil War songs and stories. Performing a acapella, in period dress, each member takes the identy of a woman who lived during the Civil War. Farm wives, a Union spy, a nurse, a woman who disguised herself as a man and fought for the Confederacy, Mrs. Robert E. Lee and others share their stories in this program featuring songs by Stephen Foster, Sacred Harp Publishing, folk songs, ballads and more. The group can present from 15 to 45 minutes of history and entertainment in most any venue. Contact them at judie@theburneys.net or (501) 733-3240

Nancy Dane
Nancy Dane, author and historian, offers a PowerPoint presentation on Civil War Arkansas, with an emphasis on source documents. This includes in-depth insight into the civilian plight as well as military action in the state. Along with penning an award winning fiction series on the war in Arkansas, Ms. Dane compiled the history book Tattered Glory, all source documents gathered while researching for the novels. She can be reached at nandane@centurylink.net or www.nancydane.com.

Thomas A. DeBlack
Thomas A. DeBlack offers talks on a wide variety of Civil War Arkansas topics. He can be reached at deblack@conwaycorp.net .

Michael B. Dougan
Michael B. Dougan offers programs titled The Arkansas Common Soldier in the Civil War, 'In the Confusion of War:' The Arkansas Supreme Court during the Civil War, N. Bart Pearce: Arkansas's Forgotten General, Henry Massie Rector: The First War Governor of Arkansas, The Music of Civil War Arkansas, General Thomas C. Hindman: How a Visionary War Leader Came to Grief, Missouri in Arkansas: The Roles Missourians Played in Arkansas During the War for Southern Independence, Abraham Lincoln and Arkansas, Unionism, Neutrality, and War-weariness: Morale during the Great Conflict, Arkansas in 1860: Southern, Western, or Just Arkansas? and The Arkansas Secession Convention: One Step Forward or Two Steps Backward?. He can be reached at mbdougan@sbcglobal.net.

Amber Friday
Amber Friday offers a program on Civil War women's clothing, explaining how different kinds of dresses and how each class of woman dressed a bit differently, and covers specific women who were spies, nurses, dressed as men and fought, and those on the home front. She can be contacted at (479) 721-1054 or afriday_pres@hotmail.com. .

Bill Gurley
Bill Gurley offers programs titled "I Acted From Principle:" The Civil War Saga of Dr. William M. McPheeters, Confederate Surgeon in the Trans-Mississippi; Yankee Bullets, Southern Blood: The Amazing Surgical Casebook of Dr. Henry Dye, Confederate Surgeon in Arkansas, and Confederate Grizzlies: Mosby M. Parsons and his Confederate Missouri Division. He can be reached at GurleyBillyJ@uams.edu.

Nancy Hendricks
Nancy Hendricks, author of the new book ‘Terrible Swift Sword: Long Road to the Sultana,’ offers programs in character and period costume about the Sultana disaster, women Civil War soldiers, General Order 11 [expulsion of the Jewish people by Gen. Grant], Confederate secret agents, the plot to destroy New York City and “coal torpedoes” as well as the story of David O. Dodd in character as the Boy Hero’s mother. She can be reached at nhendricks1123@hotmail.com

Mary Frances Hodges
Mary Frances Hodges offers a program on “Carpetbaggers: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” She can be contacted at sundayschild59@aol.com.

W. Danny Honnoll
W. Danny Honnoll offers programs on the battles of Helena, L, Anguille Ferry, Chalk Bluff and Jonesboro and such subjects as David O. Dodd, Gen. M. Jeff "The Swamp Fox" Thompson; Cleburne of Arkansas, and Razorbacks and Rebels. He can be contacted at danny@honnoll.com.

James Johnston
James Johnston offers programs on the Peace Society, Unionists, guerrilla warfare in the Ozarks, the Civil War along the Buffalo River and Confederate nitre mining He can be reached at johnston@ipa.net.

Doug Kidd
Doug Kidd offers first-person programs on Union and Confederate infantrymen, cavalrymen and medical personnel, including a program on Civil War battlefield surgery. He can be contacted at (479) 361-2642 or CavSaddler@aol.com .

George Lankford
George Lankford has drawn materials from diaries and letters of people who lived through the two-month occupation of Batesville by the Army of the Southwest in 1862. He has put them together with photos and maps in an illustrated talk about "Life in Occupied Independence County." After February, he can be contacted at (870) 698-1061 or glankford@sbcglobal.net.

Ellen Lewis
Ellen Lewis offers programs about women during the Civil War. She can be contacted at http://www.speakingofladies.com/.

Old State House Museum Living Historians
The Old State House Museum offers programs for 4th grade through senior citizens on Arkansas in the U.S. Civil War, both as outreach or as part of a museum visit. The museum staff can be reached at info@oldstatehouse.org .

Charley Sandage and Harmony
The Mountain View-based trio Harmony -- Mary and Robert Gillihan and Dave Smith -- along with songwriter and narrator Charley Sandage, offer a live concert based on their newest CD, Arkansas Stories, Volume III: Songs of the Civil War in Arkansas. Using an old time string-band style and brief narrative segments by Sandage, the trio uses a variety of traditional instruments and their namesake vocals to tell stories of hardship, horror, and even occasional humor from Arkansas€s Civil War years. This concert, or segments of it, can be woven into all kinds of events in almost any venue. The group can be contacted at (870) 585-2496 or at cvsandage@gmail.com.

Glen Schwarz
Glen Schwarz is a writer and publisher who is completing a four-year series of articles titled "This Season in the Civil War In Arkansas." He offers a dynamic and relevant series of interactive speeches that cover the spectrum of the conflict in this state: The Battle of Pea Ridge, The March to Helena!, The brief Dictatorship of General Thomas Hindman, Arkansas's role in the Vicksburg Campaign, the Battle for Little Rock, the Camden Expedition and Battle of Jenkins’ Ferry, DeValls Bluff and the Battle of the Long Prairie, the Nightmare Trek of General Sterling Price,and the Amazing Career of General Patrick Cleburne. He also offers a living history program; "Governor Isaac Murphy, Abraham Lincoln and the passage of the14th Amendment in Arkansas." Call (501) 568-1598 or e-mail LRWBHC@yahoo.com for details.

William Shea
William Shea offers programs titled The Civil War in the Trans-Mississippi, Winter Battle: The Pea Ridge Campaign, Confederate Sunset: The Prairie Grove Campaign, and The Civil War We Have Lost. He can be reached at shea@uamont.edu .

William Stevens
William Stevens offers a program on the history of the C.S.S. Pontchartain, a Confederate gunboat that served on Arkansas rivers. He can be reached at westevensma@hotmail.com.

Grif Stockley
Grif Stockley offers a program on Arkansas race relations and the Civil War. He can be reached at . grifstockley@sbcglobal.net. His website is at http://www.grifstockley.net/index.htm

Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton offers two civil war programs about the start of the war and some untold, darker stories that took place in the Ozark region. All programs are told in costume to immerse the audience in the time period. He also offers a workshop geared to helping teachers, interpreters, storytellers, & educators learn to create a more effective storytelling experience. He can be contacted at taleswithatwist@rocketmail.com .

Alan Thompson
Alan Thompson offers programs on the battle of Prairie Grove and Confederate General Dandridge McRae. He can be reached at alan.thompson@arkansas.gov .

Sondra Torchia
Sondra Torchia enacts several Civil War-era women, including Susan Scott Gaskin, who tells of the hardships her family endured during and after the Civil War when her husband left their Northwest Arkansas farm for Missouri to join the Union with their three older sons, leaving her to care for nine younger children and their farm, and Clara Barton, who became known as the Civil War Angel of the Battlefield and tirelessly worked to organize supplies and nurse thousands of Civil War soldiers. She can be contacted at sondra.torchia@yahoo.com.

W. Stuart Towns
W. Stuart Towns offers programs based on his recent book, Enduring Legacy: Rhetoric and Ritual of the Lost Cause, published by the University of Alabama Press. His focus is on the crucial role of rhetoric and oratory in creating and perpetuating a "Lost Cause" public memory of the South and the Civil War. This memory shaped the twentieth-century South and is alive and well today. He can be reached at stowns@semo.edu .

Roy L. Wilson
Roy L. Wilson offers a program on the Camden Expedition's Battle of Jenkins' Ferry, focusing on leaders and events causing the battle, their accomplishments before and after the war, with additional local anecdotes. He can be reached at (870) 917-7537 or roywilson@windstream.net.

Susan Young
Susan Young offers a program on the Ozarks home front during the Civil War titled “In Dreadful Conflict.” She can be contacted at syoung@springdalear.gov.

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